Olive Art-Plus: High quality Olive wood

Olive Art Plus, based in Sfax, transforms natural repurposed olive wood into high quality unique pieces of olive art for both the table and uniquely artesian decorations. Best sellers domestically and now internationally, include salad bowls; fruit trays; cutting boards and modestly priced hand crafted salad tossing spoon/fork sets.

Rare craftmanship preserved and promoted by the Olive Art enterprise, celebrate both innate Tunisian cultural talent and development of sustainable environmentally “friendly” craft work. Friendly, efficient and warm customer service is as important as maintaining first class artesian quality.

AmCham’s Export Lab project helped create the Olive Art success story. “One on one” coaching engaged both local consultants international experts. An action oriented strategy resulted in Olive Art’s first of many United States sales – attracting a well-known distributor of high end household items. Now with Miami, Florida and British based sales platforms, Olive Art’s products benefit from an international and profitable distribution channel.

Olive Art’s future is bright. Export Lab’s expertise and Olive Art’s diligence now feature Tunisian craftsmanship at its best in international fairs and food shows. New York Now, Atlanta Fair, Tokyo Fair, Ambiente represent only a few of Olive Art’s new highly visible promotional partners – prompting global access to one small but exciting outcome of Tunisian artisan excellence.