The American Chamber of Commerce in Tunisia (AmCham Tunisia) in collaboration with Université Centrale Tunis has organized on September 20th,2018 a breakfast debate on ‘’ Being a leader in Changing times’’. The keynote speaker of the event was Mr. Gary A Bolles; Chair of Future of Work.

AmCham Tunisia General Secretary Ms, Lamia Fourati welcomed Mr Garry A Bolles, Mrs Houbed Ajmi CEO of Université Central and all AmCham Tunisia members and guest for attending this event.
Mr Bolles is an internationally-recognized expert on the future of work and the future of learning. His focus is on the strategies for helping individuals, organizations, communities, and countries to thrive in the transition to a digital work economy.

Bolles has served as a strategic consultant and visiting lecturer for clients such as Google, Intel, the New Zealand Government, and the United Nations. He has also co-founded a variety of conferences and strategic initiatives.

After thanking AmCham Tunisia and Université Centrale for the invitation and the initiative in organizing this event Mr Garry A Bolles gave a brief overview on his career to the audience and started his presentation on ‘’ leadership in a Time of Exponential Change’’ by giving many examples on how the technology impacts our daily life as individuals and how important is for a leader to understand and cope with this change because the whole world is shifting to a Digital Work Economy.

During the debate many of the participants raised the issue that generally the human being has fixed mindset rather than growth mindset Ms Fourati mentioned that especially for Tunisians it is a challenging to get them out of their comfort zone as they do have difficulties to adapt to changes.

Mr Garry A Bolles emphasizes that a successful leader needs to make his employees a part of the change and get them involved in the vision of this growth to become themselves problem solvers.

The same Idea was supported by Mrs Houbeb Ajmi as they implemented coaching sessions for the Université Centrale’ students to help them to find their personal skills to become problem solver and prepare them to be part of the changing transition.

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