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About the program

The Board of Directors plays an important role in setting the organizational strategies and its governance. This program highlights the main functions and duties of the board and delves specifically in the director’s role in setting company strategy and preparing for its implementation.

The AmCham – CDC partnered with the Institute of Directors – UK to offer a comprehensive executive development program for members of the board based on the latest theories and best practices. The program addresses the function of board and its members, the role of directors in strategy and marketing, and the role of directors as leaders in the organization among other topics.

The program is based on the IoD curriculum and conducted by international faculty who possess practical and theoretical knowledge and have consulted amany companies worldwide.

Certificate: An attendance certificate from the Institute of Directors and the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt will be granted to participants who complete the courses.

The program is particularly targeted at, but not limited to:

  • CEOs & Managing Directors
  • General Managers
  • Board Members & Potential Board Members

Course overview:

In today’s business world, every director needs to recognise the key financial concepts and terminology that underpin a successful understanding of their organisation’s financial position. This course, designed for non-financial directors, will demystify the world of finance, allowing you to monitor the financial health of your business, evaluate business plans with confidence and contribute more effectively to boardroom discussion.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the financial role and responsibilities of directors
  • Interpret financial statements in accordance with accounting principles and standards
  • Establish the financial health of a business using accepted financial ratios
  • Distinguish between management accounts and the statutory financial reports of a company
  • Differentiate between the various sources of finance available to a company and their relative advantages and disadvantages
  • Interpret the key components of capital investment appraisal

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