Since its inception in 1989, the American Chamber Training Department offers a variety of services for Human Resources Development in specialized English to enhance not only the expertise of member companies, but also non-members  as well as individual professionals to pursue further career developments and facilitate their communication.

The main goal of the American Chamber Training Department is to prepare professionals acquiring a strong theoretical base thanks to our practical actions.

The training and development team’s priority is to tailor programs according to the needs of AmCham members of all levels who compete in today’s global market and need the “global currency”: English.

Through its client-centered, interactive training, highly professional workshops, contacting native speakers (American teachers), and its diversified courses provided, trainees are offered the best chance to enhance their linguistic capacities and communication skills than lead effectively in English.

We tailor each program to your firm and industry’s specific needs and to your English level, position, and available time. Core language program components of our courses include:

  • English for effective correspondence
  • English for public speaking
  • English for executive assistants and secretaries
  • Business plans and technical reports
  • English for international business
  • Financial English
  • Legal English

Apart from this engaging program provided by highly skilled teachers, we are implementing our training policies by offering free evaluations, flexibility in delivery and special discount for AmCham members.

We are confident that you will find invaluable language acquisition and communication skills that will assist you in dealing  with your everybody activities.

Should you need any career counseling or advice, please feel free to contact our Training Department Team: +21671883226/ Fax: +21671889880