With an extensive experience in the pharmaceutical Industry in National and Regional positions across a wide range of therapeutic areas, I have held distinct roles in Commercial, Medical, Market Access and Governmental Affairs Departments. My diversified expertise, and comprehensive background and a combination of strong analytical, communicational and organizational abilities and above all my passion for the patient-centric approaches and quality deliverables are my strengths to meet business expectations. 

I have a good ability for successfully initiating and leading challenging projects and I consistently and purposefully deliver on my commitments. The nature of my career path and the competencies I have developed over the past years have prepared me for continuous challenges, and in developing Strategic Thinking Capabilities and Problem-Solving Skills. In my current role, I engage with internal and external stakeholders fostering value-based exchanges and moving towards shaping favorable environment for business development. I’m also part of the National Pharma Association, championing and driving the debate on Healthcare; and Board Member of the Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce, advocating for the prioritization of Pharma & Healthcare topics in order to improve the local environment attractiveness; 

I have an excellent capacity to mobilize and bring people together. I create a trusting; collaborative and ethical work environment and I have a strong ability in building and maintaining professional relationships. I learn and integrate quickly; I easily adapt to difficult environment and I enjoy cross-functional team achievements. Honesty, Courage and Performance are my key values that drive me on, with constancy and determination, along the course of my daily journey.

 During my Commercial, Medical, Market Access & Governmental Affairs career path I successfully accomplished company’s brands integration in the National Guidelines, Top sales performances, Inclusion of products in Reimbursement Lists at Target Prices, Obtention of Marketing Approvals, Implementation of many Access Programs & Value Projects and creation of networks of Healthcare professionals, decision makers & influencers in the Market.