Naceur Hidoussi is a results-an oriented CEO with domestic and international experience in information
technology, IT management, multi-channel IT product distribution, strategic positioning, technology
development, acquisitions, IPOs and strategic planning with start-ups.
He grew up in Tunisia, where he graduated from “Ecole Supérieure des telecoms”.
He moved to United States in 1997 where he obtained a second master degree then worked for the
Aerospace industry and was part of the team who built Spaceway Satellite.
He developed a bullet proof data compression algorithm for digital satellites transmissions and some
complex mathematical wavelet theories to help R&D team build transmission components.
Mr Hidoussi moved back to Tunis in 2002 where he started a couple of companies in the IT sector.
He founded Hexabyte , an Internet Service Provider with the vision of setting local roots and references in
Information Technologies sector then growing to African market.
He was fully responsible for bottom-line factors, including company vision, long range strategic planning,
global IT product management, and IT software development processes. Direct all operations for
installation and service provision for infrastructure systems. LAN,WAN, fiber optics, voice and data
He also directed first post-revolution Initial Public Offer. Hexabyte became a public traded company in
Mr Hidoussi is also author of different IEEE publications, an Angel investor and very active in helping
start-ups in Tunisia.
Naceur is married, a happy father of a 7 years old son and a bad tennis player.