Since its creation in 1989 AmCham Tunisia has managed to attract sponsors convinced of its main mandate to support Tunisian and American business relations as well as of its role as a platform of communication between the two parties.

Relations with sponsors serve the objectives of both parties. The sponsors’ financial contributions allow AmCham Tunisia to organize well attended events and activities that in turn benefit the sponsoring companies in various ways such as through promotion of their services or produce and networking opportunities.

A few means of possible promotion are the AmCham Tunisia website, its monthly newsletter and annual directory, as well as regular events and conferences of the Chamber during which flyers can be displayed. Given the fact that AmCham Tunisia has a rich database consisting of 400 contacts and that it fosters close relations with CEOs and senior officials of some of the largest companies in Tunisia, such a co-operation certainly yields many benefits.

AmCham Tunisia has several means of communication:

  • Web site
  • Newsletter
  • Annual Guide & Membership Directory
  • Door Knock Brochure

AmCham Tunisia also oranizes several prestigious events:

  • The Door Knock Mission
  • The Monthly Luncheon Debate
  • Seminars
  • AmCham  Spring Barbecue
  • AmCham  Golf Tournement

In order to ensure its financial independence, AmCham Tunisia needs sponsors to achieve its plan of action. In fact, AmCham Tunisia proposes different Sponsorship categories.

According to your budget and your communication objectives, you can subscribe in a sponsorship agreement and become AmCham Tunisia Sponsor and so take profit from AmCham Tunisia visibility in all events and actions