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Date: Oct 21 2017
Category: AmCham Tunisia Projects
Skills: Entrepreneurship, Export
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  1. Objectives:

The American Chamber of Commerce in Tunisia (AmCham Tunisia) will enforce a 12-month program having the name of “Export to USA”, which will facilitate Tunisian businesses / Tunisian Startups to conquer a new market, other than traditional markets and this , by exporting their products to the United States of America.

The project is addressed to Tunisian SMEs that are ready to export or have a high export potential. These companies will have to operate in one of the three main expanding sectors with high added value in Tunisia; namely: crafts, new technologies and agribusiness.

These SMEs will be selected from the whole country, which will be particularly easier in part thanks to the strong regional presence of AmCham Tunisia through its offices spread all over the country.

  1. Justification of objectives:

The main objective that we aim to is to help Tunisian SMEs operating in the Crafts, New Technologies and Agribusiness to increase their international competitiveness, promote their products / services, carry their exports and conquer the American market.

  1. Strategies to fulfill the objectives:

Export to USA, will have two principal pillars:

  1. Export Incubation Program:

A four month- incubation program by sector, for each training cycle; 15 companies will be selected for each sector.

Incubation will be accompanied and followed by support and evaluation sessions for the selected companies.

  1. Export platform:

This will have two components:

  • An Export Guide containing helpful information about the American market, mainly: the useful certifications in the United States, the trends and the conditions of the target market,
  • A virtual platform that dispatches the requests of American customers to Tunisian suppliers (Tunisian SMEs). This virtual market will be the relay point for the exporters whose aim is to commercialize their products / services in the United States.

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