Export Unit

The Export Unit provides Tunisian Exporters to the US Market with a brief overview of the basic steps that need to be taken.

The Export Unit will focus on the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), which allows duty-free entry of various Tunisian products to the U.S. market.

Under the GSP program Tunisian companies have the opportunity to export certain products to the US duty free. More than 4,650 products are eligible.

 Potential Saving through GSP

2008 (Jan-August):

Tunisian exports to the U.S. of GSP-eligible goods totaled $126 million;  only $109 million in goods entered duty-free (87%) Tunisian exports to the U.S. under GSP have included just 56 of the 3,400 eligible products.


Three requirements need to be fulfilled in order for a product to qualify for duty free treatment under the GSP:

  • It must be from a designated beneficiary country;
  • It must be eligible for GSP treatment;
  • It must meet the GSP rules of origin.

Generally, products defined as eligible under the GSP program comprise manufactures and semi-manufactures, jewelry, animal skin and various carpets, as well as certain agricultural, fishery, and primary industrial products. Also chemical products, marble and minerals are to be included.

Articles prohibited from GSP treatment on the other hand are the majority of textiles and clothing, f.i. such made with cotton or wool, manmade fiber, other vegetable fiber and leather products. Furthermore excluded are watches, certain footwear and handbags, luggage, flat goods not made of silk and work gloves. (Office of the United States Trade Representative, 2008; Sandler M.J., 2008).

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