AmCham Tunisia Export Lab

The American Chamber of Commerce in Tunisia is pleased to announce the new partnership with MIDDLE EAST PARTNERSHIP INITIATIVE (MEPI). “The Export Lab”, will support  and increase the Tunisian Exports to the US market and will target mainly the small and Medium Enterprises in three sectors: Agribusiness, Handicrafts, and New Technologies.

interested members and companies are requested to contact AmCham Tunisia at :


    • Austin Patchen

      I personal would not recommend any American company not relocate and invest in Tunisian work force. We have been here 3 years and we are leaving because the culture has a horrible work & personal ethics.

      We have had server hacked, projects deleted and many other unethical behaviors that are criminal offenses in the USA. Never in 30 years in business have I had so many problems with being hacked until I came to Tunisia.

      I worked with over 60 to 70 people and less than a handful were responsible. The culture teaches them to live at home until 30’s and that just breeds lazy into the culture. Compounded with lazy, the fact they are a very deceitful culture who will deceive their own family members, so businesses are just 2nd nature for them to try to fraud in any way they can…

      To some degree, I think you are going to find the same in any 3rd world culture, but I believe Arab cultures are more particularly worst with their cultural ethics.

      We are moving to Thailand for Asian culture which I believe will have a more quality work ethic and then Eastern Europe which has a good reputation.