AmCham Tunisia Elective General Assembly

Monday, September 25, 2017 - 16:00 to 18:00

The 2017 AmCham Tunisia Elective General Assembly was held on Monday, September 25th, at Le Paris Hotel, les Berges de Lac. It was chaired by Mr. Khaled Babbou, President of AmCham Tunisia.

After the Presentation and adoption of the AmCham Activity Report as well the financial report and the Reading of the Auditor’s statement on the accounts of AmCham Tunisia, the General Assembly proceeded to the election of new Board Members.

The elected new Board of Directors is composed of:

I. President: Mr. Naceur Hidoussi

2. Vice- Presidents:

VP in charge of PR & Communication/ Mrs. Rym Bedoui Ayari 

VP in charge of Industry/ Mr. Karim Gahbiche

VP in charge of Investment / Mr. Ziad Oueslati

VP in charge of Training & Education  / Mr. Noureddine Hajji    

VP in charge of ICT/ Mr. Adel Dahmani                   

VP in charge of Commerce / Mr. Mohamed Ben Rhouma 

VP in charge of Membership and Fundraising / Mr. Tarak Yacine Hamila 

VP in charge of Legal Affairs/ Me. Mohamed Zaanouni

VP in charge of Entrepreneurship & Innovation / Mr. Mohamed Bridaa   

VP in charge of Transport, aviation and logistics/ Mr. Anis Riahi                 

3. Treasurer:  Mr. Adel Mohsen Chaabane 

4. Deputy Treasurer: Mr. Etienne Roumier

5. General Secretary: Mrs. Lamia Fourati

6. Deputy General Secretary: Mrs. Hela Fourati

7. Board Members:

Mr. Haykel Belhassine

Mr. Xavier Bouyer

Mr.  Mohamed Raed Hergli

Mrs. Neila Ben Zina

Mr. Sofiane Ben Tounes

Mr. Aymen Erraies

Mr. Ali Amine Ayedi

Mr. Adel Torjmen

Mr. Iskander Ben Mustapha

Mr. Skander Ghattas