About Tunisia

Located at the northern tip of Africa, Tunisia lies between Algeria to the west and Libya to the east . Its northern extremity, Cap Bon, is around 140 Km away from Sicily.

The smallest country in the Maghreb, it covers 163,610 sq Km – roughly the Size of England and Wales combined.

Tunis, the country's capital, is on the northern seaboard, part of a 1290 - Km Mediterranean coastline. Mediterranean powers have always acknowledgedTunisia's – and Particularly the Gulf of Tunisia's – highly strategic position : at a crossroads between southern Europe, northern Africa and the Middle East, its commercial and military importance has attracted the Romans, Carthaginians, the Arabs , the Ottomans and the French.

Tunisian Embassy in Washington DC :
Embassy of Tunisia in Washington:
1515 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20005
Tel : 202- 862 1850
Fax : 202- 862 1858
Ambassador : H. E. Mr. Mohamed Salah Tekaya
Economic Attaché : Mr. Farhad Khelif
Email : at.washington@verizon.net